Did you know that during lockdown, over 15,000 people have been searching for information about the Christian faith on google every month. Some churches in the UK have used the period of lockdown to run online Alpha courses – and the feedback from churches has been positive.

Our church, along with 7 other Elim churches in Cornwall will be joining together to launch the first ever ‘Alpha Cornwall’ where participants will watch an online talk together before joining a local Zoom session to discuss what they’ve just heard.

Pastor Steve told us “As a church, we will be right behind this initiative and I’m really excited about the possibilities that it presents to us. It’s fantastic that our Elim Churches are all coming together to put this 10-week course on and I would like to encourage you to pray for the course and think about who you might be able to invite. For many people, it might feel a lot less threatening to come onto an online course rather than physically attending our building. Our church will run the local ‘Bude’ session, so please pray that people book onto the course and come to know Jesus during this time and that our church grows as a result.”

Alpha Cornwall will run weekly, starting at 7pm on Wednesday 9th September. You can get more information at www.alphacornwall.org.uk..